Riders Success Story

Riders Success Story

Riders.ai is a Learntech – Playtech platform, built for the most effective STEM education is accessible to every student. Riders is the most fun and productive meeting point for students, trainers and educational institutions alike

Increase in conversion rate
Increase in Sales Qualified leads
Registered users

Arvech team feels like an extension of our sales and marketing team

Since we started working with Arvech, we have accelerated the growth of Riders. After leading us, especially at the stage of setting and deployment of the growth marketing strategy, we also worked together in the execution part. At the end of 6 months, we have reached the goals we targeted. Now, we will continue to work together towards even more aggressive goals in Riders’ next growth journey.

Özlem Değirmenci, Riders.ai



Increase brand awareness and brand authority in the ed-tech industry


Validate correct persona and acquisition journeys, test value props across various growth channels

Reach the number of qualified leads within the timeline and CPL parameters set


Drive existing users to engage more with the product, and create a more effective Riders community


Services Provided

  • Growth Marketing Strategy

  • Growth Funnels Setup and Management

  • Content Marketing Strategy & SEO

  • Monthly Growth Tactics and Tests

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Planning & Review



Arvech’s strategy boosted qualified leads and organic reach significantly

In May 2022, the Arvech squad started to work with the Riders team to reach some important OKRs that include increasing brand awareness and revenue.

We developed an end-to-end growth marketing strategy in the first month and started to execute it with the Riders team.

The first focus subject was finding the right targeted persona, and defining its digital channels, so we gave so much effort to test it in many parameters. After solving it, metrics just boomed! Especially, qualified lead numbers increased 6 times after 6 months. Not only in paid channels but also, we have increased SEO score by 45%, organic traffic by 44% and backlinks 2X.

As a result, Riders started to take much more effort from digital channels — and it didn’t stop there. Riders continued to increase total traffic by 83% and website conversion rate by 129% and reached 2.352 registered users in just six months. These are strong indicators of how a holistic growth strategy can create mid-term growth.

Increase in conversion rate
Increase in Sales Qualified leads
Registered users
Increase in Total Sessions

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