What is Backlink In SEO? How to Build Them?

Backlinking is a search engine optimization method used to increase traffic to your website. When this method is used correctly, you can observe that your website’s authority score and traffic increase. SEO and backlinks are related to each other. Google bots ensure that your website gives better results in the search engine thanks to the backlinks you receive. Another answer to the question of what is a backlink is that other websites mention your website. In other words, a website is your reference. The higher quality and up-to-date the site you get backlinks from, the higher your website will rank in search engine results.

What are the Backlink Types?

If you want to buy backlinks for your website; You need to know which type of backlink you should get. Unconsciously purchased backlinks may not be seen by Google as natural and may reduce your authority score. We have explained the types of backlinks for you below.

Nofollow Links

If you are not sure about the quality and reliability of the backlink you want to get, a safer way to do this is to place the rel=”nofollow” value in the html tag. This tells Google that you are not sure the link is trustworthy and should not be followed. Otherwise, Google might think those are spammy backlinks and might give a penalty. Until 2019, these links did not appear to have PageRank value, but now they do.

Dofollow Links

They are known as secure links. Dofollow links do not have a nofollow feature. That’s why nofollow simply put, a followed link means a link that conveys trust. This type of link means “secure link”. Dofollow links increase PageRank value. So it is better to buy dofollow backlinks. The tracking backlink code looks like this:

a href=”https://arvech.com/”>dofollow link</a


UGC Links

It is a type of backlink that has increased in popularity since 2019. It means user-generated content. UGC links are links consisting of the user’s comments and the forums they fill out. In other words, that case is called forum backlinks. In this way, Google understands that these links are provided by the user, not the site admin. Since Google attaches importance to user experience in terms of SEO, it finds this type of backlink useful. To give an example of a UGC link:

a href=”https://www.arvech.com/” rel=”ugc”>UGC Linki</a

Paid or Sponsored Links

Sponsored backlink means that your website or content is supported or sponsored by another website. Sponsored backlinks are obtained through payment method or as a result of an agreement. The rel=”sponsored” feature in the link code of the website you are linking to prevents your site from being negatively affected by such links. A sponsored or paid backlink looks like this:

a href=”https://www.arvech.com/” rel=”sponsored”>Sponsorlu link</a

Things to Consider Before Buying Backlinks

You can do competitor analysis for your website and find out who your competitors are. You can put your competitor’s website into any backlink search tool and observe which sites they get backlinks from. After performing a competitor analysis, we see the potential backlinks to be obtained. What you need to pay attention to at this stage is to choose backlinks that are close to the content of your website. Relevant backlinks increase topical trust flow on Majestic. Purchasing sectoral backlinks increases your authority score.

The SEO metrics of the backlinks you find need to be checked. We can evaluate some of these as authority score, organic traffic and the subject of the site. If a site with a high authority score mentions you on its website, your website’s authority score will increase. If the backlink you choose has a high click through rate and traffic, it will also increase your organic traffic.

One of the mistakes made when getting backlinks is that the link-generating content has never been used on social media. Links should be used actively on social media. Another mistake made when getting backlinks is not producing enough or quality content. Avoiding spammy backlinks protects from Google’s penalty. Moreover, 301 redirect backlinks aren’t welcomed by Google. All the links should include HTTP 200 code.

What are the Backlink Buying Methods?

You can provide backlinks to your website for free or for a fee. You can take advantage of backlink programs for this. The backlink program can be purchased monthly or annually. Backlink programs are usually paid. Free ones are also available. It is important to get help from people who specialize in this subject to get a more natural backlink pattern.

Free Backlink Getting Methods

Free backlink sites are obtained from social media links. It is obtained from forum promotions, profiles and comments on social media. They mostly have nofollow features, so they are not of high value in terms of SEO.

You can use your website’s URL in the content you send to your personal and business social media accounts, and you can link to your website’s URL or keywords in promotional content in your forums. When registering for business directories and directories, include your website address and a link to your profile in forums and blogs. This way, you get natural links to your website without paying.

Paid Backlink Getting Methods

Obtaining a link by exchanging money or services is called paid backlink. These backlinks are paid links from the promotional article or banner. Care should be taken to buy it organically. Otherwise, it may fall to lower positions in the rankings in SERPs.

Price research is important when you want to buy backlinks for money. You should ask for a price on the contact page of the website you want to reference. In addition to price information, it would be good to find out how long the backlink you will receive will remain online. If these issues are not discussed with the site owner’s admin or editor, the content you created for the backlink may be deleted after a few days. When an agreement is made between the parties, backlink purchasing is done consciously. Another method of purchasing is to look at backlink package prices. There are backlink programs available for this.

How to Analyze Backlinks?

There are different backlink query tools. Some of these tools are Semrush, Mangools, Ahrefs and Majestic. olarak söyleyebiliriz. These are licensed SEO tools and can analyze your competitors’ backlinks.

There are different backlink analysis options. Competitor analysis, they show the traffic and domain authority of any link. Unlike Semrush and Ahrefs, Mangools has less organic traffic accuracy. Majestic shows how sectoral the links are. Majestic offers a Trust Flow value that shows how secure websites are. The value range is between 1 and 100. The higher the value, the more trustworthy the link is. Backlinks with a high trust flow do not need a nofollow tag. The SEO metrics. of the backlinks, you want to get up-to-date and accurate.

How is the Backlink Buying Process Conducted?

The price of the paid backlink to be purchased is learned. If the price is agreed upon, content is written with keywords with high search volume. The written content is sent to the editor of the relevant website. If the content is approved by the editor, it is ready to be published. The published content may be published permanently or deleted for 3 months according to the agreement you have made. Therefore, no matter how high-quality the backlink you receive is, it is important to ask the site’s editor whether the link is dofollow. Otherwise, you may have wasted your money.

In addition, nowadays, backlink exchange is done with a concept such as backlink exchange. The main purpose here is that it is about two or more websites, including the relevant links of the site they have agreed upon on their sites to increase each other’s SEO rankings, thus contributing backlinks to each other. Of course, it is also useful to remember that the important part is the reputation and quality of the sites you receive backlinks from, rather than obtaining many backlinks.

To summarize, it is important to buy a natural backlink to increase the number of visitors and traffic to your website. Backlinking strategies play a huge role. There are potential backlinks that emerge after competitor analysis. SEO metrics of these backlinks are checked. It is checked whether the backlinks are organic traffic, domain authority or sectoral. Then the content is prepared with keywords, sent to the editor and published. With regular backlink purchases, you increase the popularity of your site. Thus, we have answered the question of why backlinks are important.

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